Our Services

Rich technical know-how

Providing professional services in public works, land development, land use and the environment, our Surveyors and Engineers are trained extensively in the Railway, Highway, Hydrographical, Tunnelling and Building sectors. Our services range from;

Topographical Surveys

We provide high accurate 3D topographical information for engineering designs and professional services in public works, land development, land use and the environment.

Construction Setting Out

We offer the establishment of high accurate primary survey control network, setting out of ground works/structural features/geospatial points as well as as-built checks.

Permanent Way Surveys

We provide high accurate full-blown boundary to boundary geospatial data and railway infrastructure/asset information for permanent way designs and design verification purposes.

3D Monitoring

We provide accurate information for engineers and other stakeholders on projects to aid in the analysis and evaluation of structural movement mainly caused Construction activities.

GPS Surveys

We use Global Positioning System (GPS) both in Static or RTK Network mode in the establishment of primary controls for large scale/high accurate projects and for topographical survey/ setting out/ mass volume calculations.

Hydrographical Surveys

We work across UK capturing key hydrographical data used river cross/long sections and flood analysis.

3D Laser Scanning

We offer Land & Measured Building information, topographical drawings, building plans, elevations, sections and 3D models via laser scanning.

Design Verification Surveys

We offer rail track survey, platform surveys and Track & Platform Gauging for design verification as well as maintenance purposes.

Experience and quality assured

We have been involved in the London Olympics, Cross Rail, DLR, the Uckfield Line Platforms Extension project, and other exciting UK projects. We pride ourselves on maximising site productivity, while minimising time spent in the safety critical environment.

Require rich technical know-how with practical experience?