Permanent Way Surveys

Accurate, clear and concise drawings

We provide high accurate full-blown boundary to boundary geospatial data and railway infrastructure/asset information for permanent way designs and design verification purposes.

Our staff are all PTS (both AC and DC) trained and are equipped with all the approved and appropriate PPE for the working environment. We are known for the high level of detail and accuracy of our surveys and for producing clear and concise drawings to best communicate the information to the end user.

All our permanent way surveys are based on the use of rail – shoe mounted prisms (not higher than 200mm) to accurately survey the running edge of rail and our staff are experienced in surveying the specific features of the rail environment.

Railway features are all surveyed using a standard and clear field coding system enabling our clients clear data manipulations, suitable design methods, compatible with standard datasets and improved productivity. We work across the country and can supply teams for day or night working, weekdays or weekends, to suit availability.

To find out how we can assist with Permanent Way Surveys for your project, please call: +44 (0)20 3669 8817, +44 (0)794 371 4816 or email: You can also send us a message via our contact page.